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Discover the entrepreneur in you

Tushar Kanti Mahanti

When pre-historic men first sowed seeds beyond their courtyard, the entrepreneur in them took roots without their knowledge. They were happy as more and more land was brought under crops. They needed more crops to feed themselves – commerce was yet far away. It was some 12,000 years ago and human beings were different in almost every aspect. But surely, they too had enjoyed their entrepreneurial success – if their reaction was different – as did James Watt after the first...

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Mamta Ka Mandir : Home for the Elderly

Anirban Das Champa Devi, aged 82, along with her husband Kashi Prasad Agarwal, aged 93, used to live in Kolkata. They had three sons but one died due to...

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‘Want to set up a restaurant? Why not call Tapan...

Tapan Mukherjee & Co. was founded in 2007. The founding Director Chef Tapan Kumar Mukherjee has extensively worked with The Grand Hyatt, The Oberoi and The...

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Environment gets less than 1% of the total Budget allocation

Bappaditya Chatterjee

Like the UPA, the NDA has deprioritized the environment sector as the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has got less than 1% of the total budgetary allocation. The Narendra Modi led government has...

FM Explores domestic potentials

Diptoshree Sengupta

To bring out the Indian economy from ICU, the Modi government has taken the conventional route of healing therapies like Yoga and Ayurveda that develop internal immunity of the body rather than going...

Poor labour Laws in cast iron factory in Howrah
- Debasish Paul


A Journey within - through service...