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25 Years and Going Strong: The Growth of Srei

Tushar Kanti Mahanti

Great things often begin humbly. Some twenty-five years ago when Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd. began its journey, few gave it a chance to grow to its present height. The Kanorias, promoters of Srei, dreamt differently. They did not tread on the proven path of easy success by restricting themselves to their comfort zone of financing infrastructure projects or doing business in the NBFC domain for which the initial platform was set. The platform was built and its scope and...

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Of Rights and Revolts: Reclaiming The Idea Behind...

Sangeeta Mahapatra

We call India our motherland and yet, we continue to be inured to the suffering of our country’s million mothers and daughters. Women, as mothers,...

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What the big economies are up to?

Jayanta Sarkar

It’s  the election time in India now. Everyone who matters is eyeing that corner office, everyone is crazy to get control of that helm with which he...

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Insurance-Service Approach-with fare profit


Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year and a good time during the several festivals dotting this time of the year. May God bless you and your family, the nation, the world with peace,...

Spirituality fosters humanity


Merry Christmas Happy New Year This week, we grieved the demise of Nelson Mandela. He was saintly and a great humanist. He was a champion for human dignity and freedom.   Spirituality fosters...

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It’s  not very often that some of the seniormost bureaucrats of the country take up th cudgels to  rub  the government on some sensitive issues. But...
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Poor labour Laws in cast iron factory in Howrah
- Debasish Paul


A Journey within - through service...